Paint thickness gauge, Fe, Al P-11-S-AL

Paint thickness gauge, Fe, Al P-11-S-AL

High-precision paint thickness gauge for steel, galvanized steel and aluminium surfaces. Can be used on any metal coating, inspecting the quality of painted pieces. Measuring range 0-1990μm. Description complète »

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  • Suitable for constant measuring, it is enough to move the gauge along the surface and it will indicate the thickness of the paint on the measured part
  • Can be used on steel, galvanized steel and aluminium surfaces
  • Easy-to-read backlit display
  • Built-in LED light to use it in dark places
  • Adjustable constant or point measurement
  • Can be used on both convex and concave surfaces

Tone signal

  • One beep indicates a single layer (90μm)
  • Two beeps indicate a double layer (190μm)
  • One long beep indicates a putty layer (870μm)

Technical details

Measuring range  0-1990μm
Resolution 10μm
Operating temperature  -20°C-+40°C
  • Even the most experienced professionals can make a mistake when deciding about the condition of a car by sight. With this paint thickness gauge  a decision can easily be made without damaging the layer.
  • Perfectly suitable for checking the coating during painting jobs.
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