Portable sandblaster 75l LN-T2010

Portable sandblaster 75l LN-T2010Kültéri homokfúvó 75l-1  LN-T2010Kültéri homokfúvó 75l-2  LN-T2010

Portable sandblaster, tank capacity 75l, air consumption 170-710l/min, operating pressure 4-8bar Description complète »

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  • The air and the sand are mixed in the tank with compressed air.
  • The mixture speeds up at the cone shaped nozzle in the hose, amplifying the effectivity of the blasting process.
Tank capacity 75l
Air consumption 170-710l/min  
Operating pressure 4-8bar

Abrasive media used

  • The quality of the media used for polishing influences the effectivity of blasting.
  • Ordinary sand may contain contaminants, which may cause the machine to malfunction.
  • Moisture and organic matter contained in the abrasive media may clog up the nozzles and the valves.
  • If the abrasive media is used repeatedly, the reduction of the particle surface must be considered, which reduces the effectivity of  the blasting process.
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